Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands

501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization and Lemonade Stand!

Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands

501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization and Lemonade Stand!

About our mission:

Hailey and Hannah (sisters) started a lemonade stand a couple years back.

They are used to volunteer work and helping out! They are great at talking to people about the Bible, even having bible studies with classmates and neighbors. Before they started school, and on vacations from school, they have regularly visited the elderly in nursing homes (with their Nana) and much more.

The lemonade stand: They started with just a table and used lemon juice.

They raised money for the Hospice organization that helped their Pawpaw. Hospice even sent beautiful letters after he passed for several weeks. It touched their hearts!

Then they did a few other fundraisers, few and far between due to PawPaw being ill and many weekends out of state. Now MawMaw has taken a turn and we have the same situation... not 100% sure when they will be open. But we are trying to keep everyone posted as soon as we know!! They thank you for your patience!

The next big thing they did was last year at this time. They raised $208 in a weekend and with about $250 we made almost 30 "Helping Homeless Kits".
They had at least 7-10 items in each kit and a card for encouragement!

Now they have a legit "lemonade stand" which isn't finished but it works!!
Mom and Dad have slowly purchased them a lemon press and items to make the experience better and more fun for them!

The girls made jars last week. One for making homeless kits and one to charity. The charities had not been established. Mom has reached out to the children's home, and domestic violence organizations trying to find the need and fill it.
BUT - we heard of a pretty hefty need that hit close to home before they established a definite first "project".

Davidson County student lunch debt totals $41k.

 They also want to take a break at some point from the schools to use a small portion for homeless kits.

They want to thank all their friends and family who have helped to spread the word, make lemonade, and additional parents who have helped clean up, and so much more!!

So far, Mom and Dad have furnished everything plus supplies. At some point, they will have to hold back some for repurchasing supplies, but 100% (100%+ profit if they have to hold back for dupplies) and even more is going directly to the school!

Huge shout out to Lakeside Lemonade who donated lemons, cups, and strawberry syrup, along with some awesome tips for the girls as they progress!

They started this and looking for ways to help others and do kind things due to Mom starting a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge last year.
Trying to inspire people with positivity, self-love through affirmations and helping with health and wellness after starting the Facebook Page Better Me, Better You!

Mom has tried to pay-it-forward as much as possible and especially with them to teach them that there is always room to bless others and everyone needs something sometime.

Since the news/media coverage:
The donations for supplies and people asking how they can help, it's been a humbling/inspiring/beautiful experience! Thank you all for your love, support, donations, and sharing with others!!
Huge thank you to Fox8, WXii, News2 for coming out and helping spread the word!
Huge shout out to (local paper) The Dispatch, Today.com, InsideEdition.com, Yahoo, and Davidson Youth Magazine, and more for sharing their story and joining them on their journey!

Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands
Founded in 2019 due to the amazing response and support from the community and people across the US and Canada!

Stay tuned for updates, schedule and information!