Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands

501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization and Lemonade Stand!

Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands

501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization and Lemonade Stand!

Fr8tTrain and the Iron Order with some Iron Maidens Crew the following weekend!

First 2019 Lemonade Stand - Sunday, May 12th

The first non-official weekend
Mom trying to finish setting up the are and stand for them. Saturday rained all day and Sunday was supposed to.

They had a small table out and 2 people stopped.

One was Paw Paw which meant we were late for our church meeting.
The other was a gentleman we now know as Fr8train - "Todd". Todd purchased 2 cups and took one home for his wife. She later emailed mom and said she had an idea! She said the lemonade was YUMMY, but she realized WHY they were selling it and had an idea. They wanted to help make a bigger difference!


The first goal:

Southwood Elementary (Hannah's school) Student's owed about $3,100.

A church was supposed to be donating $1,000.
Within 1 week - that amount went from 3,100 to 3,500.

The girls donated $460 the first check.
Another local church, Grace Point Church (Glen Gunter) took a $1,000 check to the school AND brought water, sodas, and beans for our weekend sale!!

An anonymous amazing lady wrote Southwood a $500 check we picked up and gave to the school also!

We had planned on donating the rest of the $1650 (the exact balance) the Monday after the stand due to the amazing next Saturday and the phenomenal response on their Facebook Fundraiser page!

When we got there... the balance was only about $423!




Their second goal:

They have now started on Central Davidson Middle School's debt,
and have raised about $250!
CDMS (Haileys School) Students owe over $3,500.  Within the week - that grew to about $4,100.

The first check to CDMS was given Tuesday 5.28 after raising $1005 Saturday and just over $100 Sunday! The amount.....
Drum roll please......
An astonishing $2700 through the incredible response on their Facebook Fundraiser page!

They raised $203 June 1st at the Southwood Elementary School Yardsale they were requested to be at! 

The second check due to FB holding funds as of yet - will be $253!
This is the Saturday earnings mixed with a donation from someone we met at SweetFrog who also took home a puppy (which has been how Mom and Dad are funding this operation. 🙃)

 We are SO excited and will keep pushing and do everything we can!!
The last of my calculation - CDMS needed about $1408 to be paid off.
Due to the awareness being raised and the amazing media coverage, the balance as of the 1st was $945 said the Principal!
That leaves us with ------- $690 Balance!

(At first I put IF... now I shall say WHEN!!)
When they complete CDMS, they will be working on Southmont Elementary School which is the next closest and has an approx. balance of $1200. The High School I am proud to report is taken care of. 



Mom and Dad took the equity in their house to refinance, consolidating debt and enabling them to purchase a trailer!

HUGE thank you to Leonard USA - Buildings and Trucking company for allowing us to purchase a trailer at cost!!!

That along with our trusty Lowes.Credit Card- they got the trailer fully equipped and ready for lemonade - on the go!

This enabled them to spend part of their summer at the 49th annual Threshers Reunion in Denton, NC at the Denton Farmpark! HUGE thank you to Denton Farmpark for the spot and allowing us to be a part of something bigger, making a much bigger dent  - paying off another 3 schools!!